connected project

Connected project is a butterfly-effect posterseries showed at Graphic Design Festival Breda, in the Netherlands.

watch the animation of look at the overview at the Connect-project website!

In the 1960s, American mathematician Edward Lorenz described what became known as the butterfly-effect in which he posited that a minute change in the atmosphere set off a chain reaction.
Starting out with the distribution of a simple poster, we hope to cause a similar exponential reaction leading to a tornado at the Graphic Design Festival Breda.

This results in a graphic network that not only visualizes our interpersonal connections, but also shows our degrees of separation from other (international) designers.

We created three posters, each containing a related theme. We sent these posters to three befriended designers in our network. Now we want you (if you received a poster from a connected designer..) to improve, alter, change etc. the poster you just received. Once you have finished, you continue the chain by sending your redesign to two designers who are part of your personal network.

pictures/information from Connected-project website


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  1. where’s yours???

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