Home based in Berlin

This weekend I was at an exhibition in Berlin which was well worth the visit. The name of the project is: Homebase Project V Berlin.
16 Artists were asked to work with the theme HOME. What is home to you?
After 4 years in New York this is the first time in Europe: Berlin. Every year a special empty building is chosen for the Homebase project. For some of the participants the building itself lead to questions about HOME.
A nice extra was the question of the curator to write a letter with the restrictions that is has to contain: FROM:… and TO:…. So no standardised exhibition texts. A pity some of the participants wrote a letter  TO: all… a bit sad you cannot come up with something better, I think.

I will show you a few of the works I really liked.

Carpet – Mahmood Kaiss

Antonia Low
The artists revealed different layers of the building and so his history. The wrote an letter to the landlord of the building.

The last project I will show you is the homebase project of  (I am not completely sure any more so correct me if I am wrong) Ella Littwitz.  Ze took her family tree, which is quite unusual with al the twins in the family.

More information about the HOME BASE BERLIN project here.


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