Apparatus for the reconstruction of Heimat

Hey Guys,

in this as my first post I’d like to show you a piece of my work I’ve been busy with the last couple of months. I thought this might be a good introduction to myself as well as an addition to the Homebase project that was already mentioned here before!

So: hello and here we go!

The main project I was working on is home (= Heimat; because of the problem of one-to-one translation I will prefer the further use of the German term Heimat).

I always wanted to step away from a very one-dimensional understanding of what Heimat is or could be. Of course depending on the cultural, political, social, regional and personal context people come from, their main associations with Heimat are often cliché-ridden: Heimat means celebrating with the family, trying to preserve ancient customs and modernity, Heimat is the place where we were born, it is the memory of grandma’s wonderful cake…
It seems to be a very oldish term, not fitting to us young and energetic people.

In my opinion Heimat rather describes the own personal condition and the relationship to the world every single person lives in.
Heimat consists of several constantly appearing and disappearing individually “perfect” moments containing e.g.  atmospheres of light, sound and other sensory perceptions, natural phenomenons, social contacts, memories, habits… One or even several of these fragments create that special feeling of warmth leading to Heimat.

Only when the human becomes aware of the loss of Heimat he realizes the actual present of it. Furthermore he will note, that this moment of Heimat is irretrievably gone and can only be brought back to his mind via his memories which shorten, change and modify the real experienced moment of Heimat. Putting it simple: the moment is lost in past forever.

That perfect moment of Heimat, of which the human is never consciously aware when it is present, can now be brought back to mind with the help of five machines I created. These machines actually attract the dust present in the space round the person, the dust acting as a proxy for the particular, extensive situation which possibly contains Heimat. If it transpires that the feeling of Heimat was in fact present at that point in time, then the dust, along with its information, enables this Heimat to be recreated at any time and so to be actively lived through again.

In a continuative step the dust gets preserved for eternity and acts as a souvenir I can take along with me whenever I want.
These are four different moments of my personal Heimat:

Besides the installation this project contains a book. More information here.


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