The new BLACK JESUS, LIL WAYNE will be out of jail quite soon, this thursday Nov 4th to be precise, but in the mean time there are new heads looking to snatch up that title. one of them is LIL B, THE BASED GOD. A young kid, only 19 years old, has been dropping thousands of free songs and dozens of free mixtapes. Some of the stuff is mwaaa, but some of the stuff is really NEXT level hiphop. Combina that with awesome artwork and lyrics that are so insane they have to be heard to believe, and add some serious web 3.0 networking skills to it + a website that hosts a gazillion pictures of people dancing to his music and you get LIL B. Also, loads of young girls with I HEART LIL B written on their bodies isnt to shabby, marketingwise… this guy is turning himself into a next level rap phenomenon… check it:

his latest MIXTAPE – SCRIPTURE FROM THE BASEDGOD vol8. grab it –


One response to “Meet LIL B, THE BASED GOD…

  1. Debonair Montgomery

    Hi BaseGod,

    Just wanted to say that I adore you! Your beats are sick and I am addicted to your music.

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