difference between a homeless person and a hipster

I think this is another  crazy story about fashion, vintage look, social media, and how we treat people…interpretate it the way you like…

A few weeks ago I read this article in the German newspaper about  Brother Sharp, a Chinese homeless guy who got famous for his taste in fashion!
Apperently I missed the huge fuzz about this young man, but if you are more into fashion you might already know this story.

According to all the stories this 35 year old guy is already on the streets for 10 years, ashamed to go back to his family because of lucrative business he did.  Someone who was testing his new camera posted some pictures online where this man was on. This is were the buzz started.People were not commenting his pictures from a technical point of view, but were in love with the exquisite taste of this man, his rock&roll look, etc.
In less than a week the feature post had over 700.000 views and almost 45oo comments.  he was featured in a fashion show, and reunited with his family…

It is incredible how many search results you will get if you type Brother Sharp in a search engine.


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