Expecting your attention ’cause it ain’t the 1800s

This week I discovered the world of poodle grooming…
I was flabbergasted by this phenomenon: it has so much I like and yet I could not fully enjoy these pics…

Therefore I am very grateful to a few professional groomers that took all my concerns away.
Sandy Paws: “For those who are overly concerned about the dogs emotions. Cindy loves the attention. She will prance around and expects your attention. This is a Creative Grooming Contest and Cindy will look like this for only a few hours. After the contest Cindy will be shaved. “

this is sandy with her dog Cindy, on the cover of the great magazine Groomer to Groomer:















From a shear Groomer: “Not to sound rude but this goes out to the ones who classify this “sport” cruel to poodles. I bet it’s safe to say that the majority of you have never owned a poodle let alone a standard. so you would have no knowledge or personal experience with These dogs in the enjoyment brought by the attention that is given to them during the grooming process, and more then likely have been on the grooming table since they were pups.”

Jennifer (had a lot to say so I share the parts that convinced me):” …Sweet baby Jesus, all of you so-called animal lovers need to get a grip and do some research.This is not torturing the animal in any way. This is NOT the 1800s, it’s 2011.”

“…Contrary to popular belief, pets are not as fragile as you think. Poodles are a hunting breed for Christ’s sake. It’s not some fragile baby, it’s a DOG.”

“…NEWS FLASH: DOGS ARE COLOR BLIND. They don’t know, nor do they care what color they are. And they don’t feel embarrassment because they don’t know judgment as humans do. They only understand good and bad, or right and wrong in terms of their behavior. Jeez, sit back.”


And last but not least… Because I am in Germany:


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