Sweetness is a myth

A few weeks ago I found out about  this nice photo series from photographers  Benjamin Li (1985) and Laerke Elllegaard(1984).
This series got me thinking about faded glory, the perishingly aspect of strength… but honestly I just love it because of that fine line between beauty and disgust and the beautiful colour scheme!

As with most photos the work should speak for itself, I believe these pictures barely need guidance by words. Still, here some background info about the series from the photographers: “The work is all about playfulness and crating identities. It is both vulnerable and vulgar at the same time. There are references to everything form regal portrait, sex and gorging. Lærke and Benjamin are interested in combining beauty and disgust. The portraits resemble a white canvas where the food is the paint. The food is very recognizable but taken into another context given a new meaning.”


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