l’art pour l’art

Yeah! The work of Dan Grayber  looks like construction site, so it could not go wrong for me.
The work itself is according to the artist a problem and its solution in itself.
He builds – mostly small – sculptures (but I just love the bigger ones!) that only sustain their own existence.(more about the artist statement here )

Parallel Walls Mechanism
Piece is composed of seven steel frames that telescope outwards.  Two large, centrally located springs activate mechanism that pushes first set of frames, pulley system causes 2nd and 3rd set to telescope outwards based on the position of the first set.  Piece exerts enough outward force upon two parallel walls (roughly 15’ apart) to hold itself up.

Interfloor Mechanism #1
Piece is a spring loaded mechanism that wedges itself between the floor and ceiling, holding itself up.

Bottle Mechanism #3
Piece consists of two parts joined together with bicycle brake cable: the mechanical base, and the mechanism that fits inside of the bottle. The weight of the bottle, and the piece inside the bottle, maintains enough tension in the system as a whole to keep the mechanism inside the bottle expanded, bracing itself in the center of the bottle. This tension also keeps the bottle from dropping any further.

Corner Mechanism #4
Piece is a counterweight driven mechanism that wedges itself into the interior of a corner, suspending itself.


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