Welcome to the show

Wouter Huis’ work is most of the time about our surroundings and how he can change the perspective of that by setting everyday happenings in a different light.

I am in love with his Performance #1 work:

A more recent project, Performance #1 (2011), consisted of a vacant garage box that for the duration of the event- was turned into a cinema. The audience was invited to take a seat, facing the electric door which was at some point opened to reveal a view into a particularly uninteresting street. This street, and the very little amount of action in it (an occasional car or person passing by) was thereby transferred into both a screen and a new space. Likewise the people inside became participants in a strange and quiet performance.(information taken from artist his website)

You can enjoy this recent work at IFFR this year as well at the former Lantaren/Venster in Rotterdam.So go go go and have a look yourself!

More info and nice projects on Wouter Huis his website.


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