baby it’s cold outside…

Well at least it’s cold over here in the Netherlands … so here are some things to keep you warm,

This is one of my favourites, 7 times warmer then normal socks the heatholder..and they really are warm!

If you like to stay in during the cold, here are some very good chill suits…

one piece sweatpant suits from onepiece, so cool so they are even worn on redcarpet events… and why wouldn’t you.

because I really got into this one pieces here some other things to consider,
this is exactly what you need to keep sexy,
SEXY & SWEET: Midnight Fantasy Baby Doll Tap Set & Pink Hoodie-Footie
and this one makes me want to start a family have kids and dogs and cats!
you can even get really rockn’ ones…

from for all you kiss fans! - Black Diamond - PF

And if you really have to go outside, here are 25 ways to wear your scarf.. ( or scrafs)


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