It Could Have Been The Greatest Film Ever…

This guy is Alejandro Jodorowsky. He is one of the greatest and most original moviemakers ever since the start of cinema. Awesome films like EL TOPO and HOLY MOUNTAIN, and , what I consider to be his best one SANTA SANGRE, are all really weird and mystical. Visions of an original mind, projecting images through his movies. His genius lies in making cinema do things no one suspected it could; his attraction to the unfathomable has led to some of the most original and engaging storytelling in the history of film. Stuff like this is just visually and mentally challenging:

but what was to be his REAL masterpiece was a version of the novel DUNE. Attempted at a later date but the equally weird David Lynch, but let’s be honest, he couldn’t have touched this would be greatest film of all time.. a visual lsd trip, but without drug induced imagery. Many intriguing names were attached to the project: Orson Welles was in line to play the ultra-corpulent Baron Harkonnen, who can only move when he has anti-gravitational balloons attached to his limbs; Gloria Swanson (Sunset Boulevard), Mick Jagger, David Carradine (known then for the Kung Fu TV series and now for Kill Bill), Geraldine Chaplin (Dr Zhivago) and Alain Delon were in line for other parts. Each planet in the film would have its own designer and score. Reports suggested that the running time could be anywhere up to 10 or even 14 hours.

Salvador Dalí was cast as the insane Emperor of the Universe, who lived on an artificial planet built from gold and had a robot doppelgänger (actually conceived as a way around the real Dalí’s extortionate fiscal demands for appearing in person) to keep people guessing, fearfully, which one they were dealing with. He accepted the part with apparent glee, his only demand being that the Emperor’s throne must be a toilet made from intersected dolphins, the tails forming the feet and the mouths to receive piss and shit separately. (He thought it terribly bad taste to mix the two.) Dalí then insisted that he be paid $100,000 an hour to sit on it. He also deemed it essential that we see the Emperor defecating and micturating in the film — but a body double would have to do that for him. check this out:


and you will know what kind of megalomanic lunacy was involved in this project. Really awesome though. Let’s get the money together and let him do it. We’ll get Damien Hirst to play the Emperor this time…
more on this – read it here


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