Italian artist/CEO and his hidden souls

To start of well: You know what I hate about Italian artists…that quite often there is only information about these artists in Italian. I know the language is considered beautiful, but in the whole world 65million people are speaking it, and most of them are living in Italy. How can one write about you when they cannot read your biography etc.?

I was planning for this post for ages, but could not seem to find enough background information about the artist which I felt could be really interesting. So I waited.Now the time has come although I did not find the background information that I hoped for.

Hidden Souls of Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti is a bit morbid, and stunning at the same time. I saw this at the Biennial in Venice last summer and it stayed in my head since then.

When searching for information I hoped finding out how much of the pictures is photo-shopped and how much is ‘real’. I heard at the Biennial that there was barely Photoshop involved.
When you look at his other work (on a horrible, slow flash-website) you see that apart from this series most of is work is or just nice wild-life photography or a picture that is so edited that you could ask yourself  “Is it a picture or an digital illustration?”

To be honest; A part of the magic is gone now I know most of the colouring is edited into the pictures instead of showing the beauty of all the flesh.
But have a look yourself and enjoy!



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