One Thousand Means of Escape

Really nice work by S. Astrin Bin. What does kinda bother me though is how much it looks like this work by Dawn Ng:

of course, inspiration will flow and they might not even know of each other’s existence, but still… if you have an idea, you don’t think to google to see if it has been done already? if you are a visual artist, it’s always a good idea to double check these things? Maybe this is my own personal hang-up though. I can’t recall the last time I checked older references of work before embarking on a project myself. Both artists were unknown to me, I found them through a couple of blogs. S Astrid Bin looks like she makes some interesting installations and does some nice performances, Dawn makes more 2d work, kinda standard, but some of her work and installations are really REALLY excellent! check out more on them here:


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