1939 the year of the shoe!?

Recently I saw some pictures of this great shoe prototypes by Steven Arpad, some of them really look modern while some of them really look like the future, but i guess the greatest thing is they are from 1939.

Check out the website of the MET for more shoes of Steven Arpad.

Model No. 256


(text from the MET website)

This objects comes from a group of over seventy-five shoe prototypes designed in Paris in 1939 by Steven Arpad. Aside from the lines of leather accessories and jewelry he produced under his own name in the 1940s, Arpad seems to have worked mostly anonymously. The prototypes are accompanied by an extensive archive of original sketches which has made it possible to identify uncredited shoe designs for Balenciaga and Delman as Arpad’s work. Containing some of the most creative, unique, and unusual examples of footwear design in the collection, the museum’s holdings appear to be the only documented body of the work of this extraordinary designer.
Sporty day shoes were an important element of fashion in the 1930s, and in this example Arpad makes a colorful and eye-catching interpretation of the category. Although no specific relationship between Arpad and the company is know, this design is very similar to shoes from the Preciosa line marketed by the French company Heyraud in the late 1930s.


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