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Reading between the lines

A while ago SVP saw an interesting work of Eto Otitigbe, which had the combination of craftsmanship (or at least the feel of it) and concept.
His project consisted of three panels with portraits of the artist.
Alle portraits look like a big  woodcut, painted black.
These panels are not made by hand although it looks like they are. They are made of MDF and lasercutted with machines, and painted black.
The light on the work reveals the images cutted out of it.
Eto is wearing a hooded sweater on the images, which is a reference to the protest in USA against shootings against innocent black men.
In the USA the right of self defence is taking its turn.
The unarmed, and innocent black man Trayvon Martin, 17 years old, African American man was shot, probably  just because he was wearing a hoody and the shooter felt scared.

“The linear patterns in Becoming Visible were inspired by traditional wood carvings and bronze statues from Benin, West Africa.  Many of these works depict the King or “Oba” of Benin with lines that contour this face.  Traditionally some ethnic groups used these lines to identify each other after they had been separated.  In this case I place the lines on an image of my own face to express empathy for the families of innocent African American men who’s lives were taken unjustly.” (text from website of Eto Otitigbe )
More information about this project of Eto here.

SVP saw this work already quiet a while ago at  the exhibition Trampoline presents…TRANSFORMERS: COILED POTENTIALS, of the Master programme of Transart Institute,in Berlin (Germany).
This exhibition space was tucked away in Kreuzberg, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, with a nice outside space too. Worth to pay a visit when you are in the neighbourhood!

and counting…

I found out about this very nice video project of  Jeroen Wolf (NL): 100.
It is an ode to people and their personality. It took Wolf about 4 months to find all 100 people.

Funny fact: it took Jeroen Wolf a lot more time to find the person that says 99 than it was to find the one that says 100.

Jeroen Wolf his company is currently working on a new documentairy called  ‘I am Innocent’.

Ode to my love for industrial sites

Almost every creative person seems to have a fetish for (taking pictures of/in) old factory buildings, and other things found at industrial sites.

Strangely enough, although you can find tons of nice pictures in this category I still do not get tired of those images.

One artist that makes beautiful imges of industrial sites and such is the Slovak Branislav Kropilak.

mini exhibition

Through another artist i cam across a lovely exhibition concept: Probe.
Probe is a small exhibition space: 1,10m high and only 6m2.
Because of it small size it is perfect for artists to experiment and work on scale and do things that are impossible in normal sized exhibition spaces.
The spaces is flexible: only the outside walls and doors are permanent.

Another special element about the exhibition space is that you cannot visit the exhibition in real life.
You can only visit the space on-line. This makes the space even more suitable for experiments on what an exhibition can be. The registration of the exhibition is the exhibition.
On the website of Probe you can also read how this exbhibition was different for the artists and why. Which I think is a nice addition to the common text only about the exhibition itself.

Probe runs exhibitions since 2008 and is still going.
This project is initiated by Suze May Sho, an collaboration of 3 different designers/artists.
More information about Probe here.

A sample of the exhibition of David Weber-Krebs:
He transported the everyday life – the changing of the light during the day – into the white cube.

in your dreams

This post is for all the stuffed animal lovers…
There is a studio Child’s own Studio that makes children’s drawings into stuffed animals!
You can send in the drawing from a child to this studio, and they will turn it into a 3d interpretation of that drawing. They are not making their own thing out of it but stay as close to the drawing as possible.
I definitely like the monsters the best!

and ok one last gem:

More images here and here.

And for all the people who would love to realize these furry friends themself, you are invited by the initiators of this project to send an email to find out how to collaborate with them! Because of the popularity of the website and the amazing toys they make there is a waiting list so you would be of great addition when you are good with sowing appliance.(

Bless you

Recently I came across the project of  the photographer Ben Ritter  and art-director Jackie Anzald.
Besides that I love the amazing picture gallery I love the funny behind the scene fact about the project too: the models were tickled in their nostril until they sneezed!

you can check out the full  sneezebook gallery here!

I’ve got words for you

Wasted Rita is a young graphic designer/illustrator from Portugal living and working in New Jersey.
Her words made me smile, her illustrations are not my cup of tea but I will show you one as a teaser that made me smile too:


Her work reminds me a bit of the work of Manon van Trier, someone who also contriubuted in the WORD ART exhibition of ShellVPower in Powerhouse in the past.

Monitoring Anciety

De Geuzen
Years ago I was introduced to the work of  De Geuzen, a three man- or actually woman strong formation that does multi visual research.
In their work digital media is often a medium and a subject of the works, just as the female identity is an important subject in their work.

Google Service Terms
I want to convince all with this amazing project that caught my eye again because of the changing rules of Service at Google, which lead  to the decision to make a project that I simply love no longer available on-line: The Global Anxiety Monitor.
De Geuzen stresses the possibilities and impossibilities of the Internet. Their lectures often are about stuff like internet  censorship, freedom, copyright etc. It is really easy to understand why they took this project off-line:  The monitor dynamically constructed search urls in different languages, and then displayed the integral results in juxtaposed frames. However in October 2011, Google changed how image search is accessed, and embedding frames was no longer possible. Currently, the continuation of the project would only be possible through Google’s API, or Application Programming Interface. Access to this requires users to sign up for an account and agree to Google’s Terms of Service, they can be better monitored, and if necessary, access restricted. De Geuzen decided not to adapt the work to fit these requirements, and has archived it, not only as a document of the work itself, but also as snapshot of a particular method of poaching in the world wide web.

Global Anxiety Monitor
The Global Anxiety Monitor was an ongoing project which evolved out of De Geuzen’s interest in mediatized images and the way their context and meaning fluctuate in the ecology of the world wide web. Presented as a multi-screen installation, the work simultaneously juxtaposes live Google image searches in different languages. Querying anxiety buzzwords such as terrorism, conflict, financial crisis and climate change, each language delivers its own unique set of results. What is projected is a continuous pulse of visuals and metadata reflecting occasionally convergent and at times conflictual perspectives. By continually performing timed searches, it becomes evident that query is driven by cultural biases and fed by local concerns. The Global Anxiety Monitor does not archive or document these processes, but rather it is a means of exposing the various Google worlds we may occupy at any given moment.

Information/Pictures taken from:

Italian artist/CEO and his hidden souls

To start of well: You know what I hate about Italian artists…that quite often there is only information about these artists in Italian. I know the language is considered beautiful, but in the whole world 65million people are speaking it, and most of them are living in Italy. How can one write about you when they cannot read your biography etc.?

I was planning for this post for ages, but could not seem to find enough background information about the artist which I felt could be really interesting. So I waited.Now the time has come although I did not find the background information that I hoped for.

Hidden Souls of Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti is a bit morbid, and stunning at the same time. I saw this at the Biennial in Venice last summer and it stayed in my head since then.

When searching for information I hoped finding out how much of the pictures is photo-shopped and how much is ‘real’. I heard at the Biennial that there was barely Photoshop involved.
When you look at his other work (on a horrible, slow flash-website) you see that apart from this series most of is work is or just nice wild-life photography or a picture that is so edited that you could ask yourself  “Is it a picture or an digital illustration?”

To be honest; A part of the magic is gone now I know most of the colouring is edited into the pictures instead of showing the beauty of all the flesh.
But have a look yourself and enjoy!