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Joe Villion

Every year one of the highlights during the big annual exhibition at the Berlin University of the Arts is the exhibition of the illustration class. The class is supervised by Henning Wagenbreth, whose unique visual style has a big impact on every single work of his students. This year’s exhibition actually reminded that for months I already wanted to do a post about a young illustrator working under the pseudonym of Joe Villion, who was one of Wagenbreth’s students and graduaded in 2010 (as far as I remember). Besides doing some freelance work she is founder of Slalom Press, a small independent publishing studio in Berlin.

Xtal Extended (in collaboration with David Tovar and Marc Hennes):

contribution to the BAMBAM zine “Quotable”:

 Nobrow No 6:

It’s oh so quiet:

Joe VillionSlalom Press

Ode to my love for industrial sites

Almost every creative person seems to have a fetish for (taking pictures of/in) old factory buildings, and other things found at industrial sites.

Strangely enough, although you can find tons of nice pictures in this category I still do not get tired of those images.

One artist that makes beautiful imges of industrial sites and such is the Slovak Branislav Kropilak.

Marie Sjøvold: She is

This is actually the picture that caught my eye first and let me dive more into the work of young Norwegian photographer Marie Sjøvold:

One of Marie’s series calles She is fascinated me most. It’s a beautiful and very intimate portrait of a young woman reflecting the transformation of her body, the body image as well as the transformation of interpersonal relationsships during her pregnany. Even more it’s a very dialectic and poetic series about strength and weakness, shame and self-awareness, intimacy and distance.

Marie Sjøvold

mini exhibition

Through another artist i cam across a lovely exhibition concept: Probe.
Probe is a small exhibition space: 1,10m high and only 6m2.
Because of it small size it is perfect for artists to experiment and work on scale and do things that are impossible in normal sized exhibition spaces.
The spaces is flexible: only the outside walls and doors are permanent.

Another special element about the exhibition space is that you cannot visit the exhibition in real life.
You can only visit the space on-line. This makes the space even more suitable for experiments on what an exhibition can be. The registration of the exhibition is the exhibition.
On the website of Probe you can also read how this exbhibition was different for the artists and why. Which I think is a nice addition to the common text only about the exhibition itself.

Probe runs exhibitions since 2008 and is still going.
This project is initiated by Suze May Sho, an collaboration of 3 different designers/artists.
More information about Probe here.

A sample of the exhibition of David Weber-Krebs:
He transported the everyday life – the changing of the light during the day – into the white cube.

let’s go to an expo!

So a friend of mine asked me to help to spread the word about this exhibition, and ofcourse we love to help! If your located in the netherlands, check out the info!

LhGWR presents R.E.A.L., the graduation show of four students from the Master of Photography program at AKV | St. Joost in Breda. This program is characterized by the documentary approach to photography, which is retrievable in the approach of the projects of the graduates.

With this as the works’ layer of humus, emphasizing a social engagement, they express their autonomous capabilities and treat us to a show with remarkable insights and powerful imagery.

The opening of the exposition is the 24th of June from 13:00 – 17:00.  A special program with lectures, presentations and discussion is held during the opening. The official opening will be at 16:00 by Iris Sikking (Paradox) and Miriam Bestebreurtje (Masteropleiding Fotografie)

For more information and activities check the Facebook event ( and the LhGRW website (

glass like chips!

well I saw this yesterday on fancy.,, and think this snack looks amazing! And with a bit of patience you can make them yourself!

If you want to check red shallot kitchen for the instructions!


paperart 30 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before

paperart 24 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before

paperart 14 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before

paperart 9 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before


paperart 6 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before

paperart 3 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before

this is just takin’ origami to the next level! like to find a new hobby and do you have plenty of patience? this might just work for you… the results do look really cool!
just google 3d origami art for examples!

a billion seconds

this belgium weatherman,  Frank Deboosere, started a website with a clock that counts to 1 billion in seconds, I heard him talk about it on the radio today, he said we’ve forgotten how much a billion really is. It’s used so regularly in science or economics that we’ve forgotten how much it really is.

wel to count to a billion in seconds is gonna take 32 years!!!!

a shame it’s an ugly website, but i really like the idea!

wanna see it anyway? check it here!

Allyn Yu

Beautiful work by recent graduate Allyn Yu.

designer nori

Alright every now and again i just like to share some sushi related things! Well this is maybe one of the most pretty sushi i’ve ever seen!

Laser cut designer nori, created by , I&S BBDO, a Japanese ad agency,  for their client, Umino Sweaweed