let’s go to an expo!

So a friend of mine asked me to help to spread the word about this exhibition, and ofcourse we love to help! If your located in the netherlands, check out the info!

LhGWR presents R.E.A.L., the graduation show of four students from the Master of Photography program at AKV | St. Joost in Breda. This program is characterized by the documentary approach to photography, which is retrievable in the approach of the projects of the graduates.

With this as the works’ layer of humus, emphasizing a social engagement, they express their autonomous capabilities and treat us to a show with remarkable insights and powerful imagery.

The opening of the exposition is the 24th of June from 13:00 – 17:00.  A special program with lectures, presentations and discussion is held during the opening. The official opening will be at 16:00 by Iris Sikking (Paradox) and Miriam Bestebreurtje (Masteropleiding Fotografie)

For more information and activities check the Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/R.E.A.LhGWR) and the LhGRW website (http://www.grotewittereus.nl/html/exposities/2012/real.html)


glass like chips!

well I saw this yesterday on fancy.,, and think this snack looks amazing! And with a bit of patience you can make them yourself!

If you want to check red shallot kitchen for the instructions!

in your dreams

This post is for all the stuffed animal lovers…
There is a studio Child’s own Studio that makes children’s drawings into stuffed animals!
You can send in the drawing from a child to this studio, and they will turn it into a 3d interpretation of that drawing. They are not making their own thing out of it but stay as close to the drawing as possible.
I definitely like the monsters the best!

and ok one last gem:

More images here and here.

And for all the people who would love to realize these furry friends themself, you are invited by the initiators of this project to send an email to find out how to collaborate with them! Because of the popularity of the website and the amazing toys they make there is a waiting list so you would be of great addition when you are good with sowing appliance.(info@childsown.com)


paperart 30 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before

paperart 24 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before

paperart 14 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before

paperart 9 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before


paperart 6 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before

paperart 3 in Origami: 3D Paper Art You Might Never Seen Before

this is just takin’ origami to the next level! like to find a new hobby and do you have plenty of patience? this might just work for you… the results do look really cool!
just google 3d origami art for examples!

a billion seconds

this belgium weatherman,  Frank Deboosere, started a website with a clock that counts to 1 billion in seconds, I heard him talk about it on the radio today, he said we’ve forgotten how much a billion really is. It’s used so regularly in science or economics that we’ve forgotten how much it really is.

wel to count to a billion in seconds is gonna take 32 years!!!!

a shame it’s an ugly website, but i really like the idea!

wanna see it anyway? check it here!

Bless you

Recently I came across the project of  the photographer Ben Ritter  and art-director Jackie Anzald.
Besides that I love the amazing picture gallery I love the funny behind the scene fact about the project too: the models were tickled in their nostril until they sneezed!

you can check out the full  sneezebook gallery here!

Allyn Yu

Beautiful work by recent graduate Allyn Yu.