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Monitoring Anciety

De Geuzen
Years ago I was introduced to the work of  De Geuzen, a three man- or actually woman strong formation that does multi visual research.
In their work digital media is often a medium and a subject of the works, just as the female identity is an important subject in their work.

Google Service Terms
I want to convince all with this amazing project that caught my eye again because of the changing rules of Service at Google, which lead  to the decision to make a project that I simply love no longer available on-line: The Global Anxiety Monitor.
De Geuzen stresses the possibilities and impossibilities of the Internet. Their lectures often are about stuff like internet  censorship, freedom, copyright etc. It is really easy to understand why they took this project off-line:  The monitor dynamically constructed search urls in different languages, and then displayed the integral results in juxtaposed frames. However in October 2011, Google changed how image search is accessed, and embedding frames was no longer possible. Currently, the continuation of the project would only be possible through Google’s API, or Application Programming Interface. Access to this requires users to sign up for an account and agree to Google’s Terms of Service, they can be better monitored, and if necessary, access restricted. De Geuzen decided not to adapt the work to fit these requirements, and has archived it, not only as a document of the work itself, but also as snapshot of a particular method of poaching in the world wide web.

Global Anxiety Monitor
The Global Anxiety Monitor was an ongoing project which evolved out of De Geuzen’s interest in mediatized images and the way their context and meaning fluctuate in the ecology of the world wide web. Presented as a multi-screen installation, the work simultaneously juxtaposes live Google image searches in different languages. Querying anxiety buzzwords such as terrorism, conflict, financial crisis and climate change, each language delivers its own unique set of results. What is projected is a continuous pulse of visuals and metadata reflecting occasionally convergent and at times conflictual perspectives. By continually performing timed searches, it becomes evident that query is driven by cultural biases and fed by local concerns. The Global Anxiety Monitor does not archive or document these processes, but rather it is a means of exposing the various Google worlds we may occupy at any given moment.

Information/Pictures taken from: http://www.geuzen.org/anxiety/installation