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a billion seconds

this belgium weatherman,  Frank Deboosere, started a website with a clock that counts to 1 billion in seconds, I heard him talk about it on the radio today, he said we’ve forgotten how much a billion really is. It’s used so regularly in science or economics that we’ve forgotten how much it really is.

wel to count to a billion in seconds is gonna take 32 years!!!!

a shame it’s an ugly website, but i really like the idea!

wanna see it anyway? check it here!


Welcome to the show

Wouter Huis’ work is most of the time about our surroundings and how he can change the perspective of that by setting everyday happenings in a different light.

I am in love with his Performance #1 work:

A more recent project, Performance #1 (2011), consisted of a vacant garage box that for the duration of the event- was turned into a cinema. The audience was invited to take a seat, facing the electric door which was at some point opened to reveal a view into a particularly uninteresting street. This street, and the very little amount of action in it (an occasional car or person passing by) was thereby transferred into both a screen and a new space. Likewise the people inside became participants in a strange and quiet performance.(information taken from artist his website)

You can enjoy this recent work at IFFR this year as well at the former Lantaren/Venster in Rotterdam.So go go go and have a look yourself!

More info and nice projects on Wouter Huis his website.

laundry day

Exhibition in park in Belgium

Great work by Nicolas Provost…

Some great videowork by Belgian artist NICOLAS PROVOST, exhibition right now at HAUNCH OF VENISON, Berlin. Go see it…


vaast is one of my favorites

Auction of Great Ideas

Artist Sarah  Vanhee is an artist  who is selling the ideas of artists during an auction