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in your dreams

This post is for all the stuffed animal lovers…
There is a studio Child’s own Studio that makes children’s drawings into stuffed animals!
You can send in the drawing from a child to this studio, and they will turn it into a 3d interpretation of that drawing. They are not making their own thing out of it but stay as close to the drawing as possible.
I definitely like the monsters the best!

and ok one last gem:

More images here and here.

And for all the people who would love to realize these furry friends themself, you are invited by the initiators of this project to send an email to find out how to collaborate with them! Because of the popularity of the website and the amazing toys they make there is a waiting list so you would be of great addition when you are good with sowing appliance.(info@childsown.com)


designer nori

Alright every now and again i just like to share some sushi related things! Well this is maybe one of the most pretty sushi i’ve ever seen!

Laser cut designer nori, created by , I&S BBDO, a Japanese ad agency,  for their client, Umino Sweaweed

braille rubik’s cube

Well i stumbled upon this while searching for the lego camera i wanted to share with you.  But this rubik’s cube by Konstantin Datz must be one of the better designs i saw lately…. So check out this work and some others are also worthy of your time!
this is the lego camera……. way less impressive!


A week ago I visited Pictoplasma in Berlin.
Went to a lot of galleries and so great and not so great stuff.
I discovered I am not that into street art, or cartoons. Which is not the best combination for a Pictoplasma visitor maybe.But nevertheless I will excite you with some things I think were great!

beautiful masks, and totems of Raymond Lemstra (Amsterdam based)

The etches and drawings of an animation in NikeStadium Gallery of the Black Heart Gang were also beautiful. (I did not make pictures of that of course…)
I did like how they added their drawings to an old photoalbum, as well.
I must admit: I like the drawings and etches better than the animations, but you can judge yourself  on their website:

“The Tale of How coffee table book makes for a great present for children and widows alike.”

Berlin Tea

Yesterday I was eating with some other ShellVPower members and friend at a bistro,where I had one of the best teas ever.
I love tea. But what I love even more are special teas: where you have to pick your own loose tea, or with a small tea pot so you need to pour your tea yourself. I guess I am a sucker for do-it-yourself special teas.
So I, and the rest of my company too, sat there, just a bit too excited over this tea I ordered:

Btw: check the Koziol website. They have more lovable stuff. But what did you expect when you call your shop the Factory of Happiness? I already have a lamp from this brand too, and probably soon some tea-flowers!

And here another link: to the website of the  designer.

Good Magazine Infographics

Some examples from good.is












agriculture carpet

Florian Pucher, a former architect from Vienna, now works as a freelance designer. I love his view from architecture that he  used to make these beautiful carpets.
The carperts are based on the agriculture that is different in every region: