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for all the people with balconies

fFound this really nice bbq on this Danish website: http://www.designdelicatessen.dk/produkter/128-diverse/545-altangrill-

Check out the rest of the site for more nice design stuff!


The Future of Food: How Science Will Solve the Next Global Crises


World Cup Typography: Paul Barnes


I Rest My Case

Rest is a project of Martijn Engelbregt in collaboration wit lots of other people.
‘Rest’ is the Dutch word for ‘what is left’.
This project is about awareness of people throwing away food and trying to change that.
Coming with a pyramid of Picknick-tables, which is always nice!

A complete overview of the project here.

cones in colour

Found on website of graphic design studio EDHV.
They teamed up with Wendy Plomp (WND).
It will be up during the fashion week in Milan at the exhibition space of the Verger shop.

solve my deck

hard disc visuals

Visualisation of your hard disc.
Find big files you do not use easy, and see what you take most of your hard disc space.

SequoiaView was developed by the computer science department of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven and can be downloaded for free from these pages. For more background information click one of the links on the left. Click here to download SequoiaView (approximately 500 Kb).