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and counting…

I found out about this very nice video project of  Jeroen Wolf (NL): 100.
It is an ode to people and their personality. It took Wolf about 4 months to find all 100 people.

Funny fact: it took Jeroen Wolf a lot more time to find the person that says 99 than it was to find the one that says 100.

Jeroen Wolf his company is currently working on a new documentairy called  ‘I am Innocent’.

home is where the hurt is

Since my graduation project ‘Gek genoeg…’ I am almost too interested with disorders.
Thanks to research for a new project about collections of people, I stumbled on this documentary: My Mother’s Garden.

The documentary is made by a woman,Cynthia Lester, who filmed her life to deal with her life and family.
You can watch whole the documentary here.
Can´t explain it any clearer than:watch it!

Also worth looking at is this programm about hoarders (complete episodes are not available for Dutchies unfortunatly)