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Reading between the lines

A while ago SVP saw an interesting work of Eto Otitigbe, which had the combination of craftsmanship (or at least the feel of it) and concept.
His project consisted of three panels with portraits of the artist.
Alle portraits look like a big  woodcut, painted black.
These panels are not made by hand although it looks like they are. They are made of MDF and lasercutted with machines, and painted black.
The light on the work reveals the images cutted out of it.
Eto is wearing a hooded sweater on the images, which is a reference to the protest in USA against shootings against innocent black men.
In the USA the right of self defence is taking its turn.
The unarmed, and innocent black man Trayvon Martin, 17 years old, African American man was shot, probably  just because he was wearing a hoody and the shooter felt scared.

“The linear patterns in Becoming Visible were inspired by traditional wood carvings and bronze statues from Benin, West Africa.  Many of these works depict the King or “Oba” of Benin with lines that contour this face.  Traditionally some ethnic groups used these lines to identify each other after they had been separated.  In this case I place the lines on an image of my own face to express empathy for the families of innocent African American men who’s lives were taken unjustly.” (text from website of Eto Otitigbe )
More information about this project of Eto here.

SVP saw this work already quiet a while ago at  the exhibition Trampoline presents…TRANSFORMERS: COILED POTENTIALS, of the Master programme of Transart Institute,in Berlin (Germany).
This exhibition space was tucked away in Kreuzberg, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, with a nice outside space too. Worth to pay a visit when you are in the neighbourhood!

mini exhibition

Through another artist i cam across a lovely exhibition concept: Probe.
Probe is a small exhibition space: 1,10m high and only 6m2.
Because of it small size it is perfect for artists to experiment and work on scale and do things that are impossible in normal sized exhibition spaces.
The spaces is flexible: only the outside walls and doors are permanent.

Another special element about the exhibition space is that you cannot visit the exhibition in real life.
You can only visit the space on-line. This makes the space even more suitable for experiments on what an exhibition can be. The registration of the exhibition is the exhibition.
On the website of Probe you can also read how this exbhibition was different for the artists and why. Which I think is a nice addition to the common text only about the exhibition itself.

Probe runs exhibitions since 2008 and is still going.
This project is initiated by Suze May Sho, an collaboration of 3 different designers/artists.
More information about Probe here.

A sample of the exhibition of David Weber-Krebs:
He transported the everyday life – the changing of the light during the day – into the white cube.


A week ago I visited Pictoplasma in Berlin.
Went to a lot of galleries and so great and not so great stuff.
I discovered I am not that into street art, or cartoons. Which is not the best combination for a Pictoplasma visitor maybe.But nevertheless I will excite you with some things I think were great!

beautiful masks, and totems of Raymond Lemstra (Amsterdam based)

The etches and drawings of an animation in NikeStadium Gallery of the Black Heart Gang were also beautiful. (I did not make pictures of that of course…)
I did like how they added their drawings to an old photoalbum, as well.
I must admit: I like the drawings and etches better than the animations, but you can judge yourself  on their website:

“The Tale of How coffee table book makes for a great present for children and widows alike.”

Home based in Berlin

This weekend I was at an exhibition in Berlin which was well worth the visit. The name of the project is: Homebase Project V Berlin.
16 Artists were asked to work with the theme HOME. What is home to you?
After 4 years in New York this is the first time in Europe: Berlin. Every year a special empty building is chosen for the Homebase project. For some of the participants the building itself lead to questions about HOME.
A nice extra was the question of the curator to write a letter with the restrictions that is has to contain: FROM:… and TO:…. So no standardised exhibition texts. A pity some of the participants wrote a letter  TO: all… a bit sad you cannot come up with something better, I think.

I will show you a few of the works I really liked.

Carpet – Mahmood Kaiss

Antonia Low
The artists revealed different layers of the building and so his history. The wrote an letter to the landlord of the building.

The last project I will show you is the homebase project of  (I am not completely sure any more so correct me if I am wrong) Ella Littwitz.  Ze took her family tree, which is quite unusual with al the twins in the family.

More information about the HOME BASE BERLIN project here.

Sneak Preview- work in progress

For those who cannot wait untill this weekend…

good stuff by bas van den hurk

Organizing the non-obvious II20th March – 24th April, 2010
Private View: Thursday 18th March, 6 – 9 pm
After party curated by Bas van den Hurk:

Whatbar # 8

The Boadicea
292-294 St. John Street

8.30 – 12.00pm with:

Remco Torenbosch (NL)
Hester Scheurwater (NL)
Emma van der Put (NL)
Michiel Ceulers (B)
Sarah Smolders (B)
Markus Vater (UK)
Koen Delaere (NL)
Femke de Vries (NL)
Jeremy Willett (UK)
Alistair McClymont (UK)
Vincent Koreman (NL)
Marije de Wit (NL)
Babette Kleijn (NL)
Rozemarijn Westerink (NL)
Bas van den Hurk (NL)
Cam Deas (UK)

One Paget Street, London EC1 7PA
info@rodbarton.com / 07989437214
Nearest Tube: Angel.
Open: Saturday (12-6pm) during exhibitions or by appointment only




Free shopping

Matthieu Laurette is a great contemporary artist who did an amazing project about moneyback products.
Saw this project years ago,2005, in Stedelijk (Amsterdam,the Netherlands)