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and counting…

I found out about this very nice video project of  Jeroen Wolf (NL): 100.
It is an ode to people and their personality. It took Wolf about 4 months to find all 100 people.

Funny fact: it took Jeroen Wolf a lot more time to find the person that says 99 than it was to find the one that says 100.

Jeroen Wolf his company is currently working on a new documentairy called  ‘I am Innocent’.


Welcome to the show

Wouter Huis’ work is most of the time about our surroundings and how he can change the perspective of that by setting everyday happenings in a different light.

I am in love with his Performance #1 work:

A more recent project, Performance #1 (2011), consisted of a vacant garage box that for the duration of the event- was turned into a cinema. The audience was invited to take a seat, facing the electric door which was at some point opened to reveal a view into a particularly uninteresting street. This street, and the very little amount of action in it (an occasional car or person passing by) was thereby transferred into both a screen and a new space. Likewise the people inside became participants in a strange and quiet performance.(information taken from artist his website)

You can enjoy this recent work at IFFR this year as well at the former Lantaren/Venster in Rotterdam.So go go go and have a look yourself!

More info and nice projects on Wouter Huis his website.

Floris Kaayk

After the LEST/BEST evening with Dennis Elbers we were asked a lot about this work so here it is…
Floris Kaayk with The Order Electrus:

More on his website

nice film you got there

found through stumble!

Magical Worlds

Saskia Olde Wolbers makes these beautiful films made from scratch, no 3d/animation films…

read article about her here

banzai detroit!

Stills from “Banzai Detroit,” a film in progress by CARY LOREN, developed as a response to Jeff Wall’s famous photo “The Destroyed Room” – an early studio set-up and one of his first transparency light-box images. The film is part of an art project that will be screened in Tilburg, Netherlands in the spring.

The film spirals outward around Detroit locations – beginning with homes and apartments; living areas to institutional sites; schools, airports, police stations, business, parks, etc..

At each site images are burned including copies of Wall’s ‘Destroyed Room’, icons of Detroit culture, and personal history. The work will be an index of material ruins, cultural debris and autobiography – the post-destruction of an urban wasteland.

Transitions between sites have short clips of Japanese ritual suicide, (Seppuku or Hara Kiri) and the kamikaze, taken from classic and trashy Samurai films and stock footage. The final work can be projected as a background for a live noise performance. It will also be narrated by homeless people interviewed throughout the city, some who currently are living in its ruins.

project by WHATSPACE, coming to Berlin February 26, and to Tilburg March 6…