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Berlin Smile #6

Last week I was at Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin.
A multicultural festival where they definitely trust each other. Among the market stalls there was also this one:

Berlin smile #5

Happy hour at the copy shop!

Animals in Art #1: Christiane Möbus

Christiane Möbus

The absence of gravity

Performances by Berlin artist Johan Lorbeer.

Uli Westphal #2

Okay, we were too fast, Uli Westphal has even more incredible stuff!!
One more example to convince you to have a closer look at his website!

Nowadays people do not know where the milk comes from, or how bread is made. One solution is to go to farms with school children, another solution is to ask  Uli Wetphal to visualize this.
He made these very nice panoramas made out of the packageg in the supermarket. These panoramas create an paradise kinda world, which is obviously not a realalistic view on the world.
They point out, in a beautiful way how disconnected our view of the food process is by just seeing the process from the supermarket to our home.

Mutatoes of Uli Westphal

More funky fruits and vegetables here.