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I’ve got words for you

Wasted Rita is a young graphic designer/illustrator from Portugal living and working in New Jersey.
Her words made me smile, her illustrations are not my cup of tea but I will show you one as a teaser that made me smile too:


Her work reminds me a bit of the work of Manon van Trier, someone who also contriubuted in the WORD ART exhibition of ShellVPower in Powerhouse in the past.


Have I got some information for you

Kyra van Ineveld made this very nice piece of work: The Wiki Truth.
This project consists of 5 enormous books about, well they ARE actually, the top 5 topics (pages) on Wikipedia: Barack Obama, the Catholic Church, Gaza war, global warming, and ‘race and intelligence’.

I love how taking data and forming it in a great design shows so much more that the pure data. The fact that you can go through the history of the information about the topic in the book, that you can see for real what an enormous amount of information is there to read online, what the top-5 says topic about the world nowadays, and how it changes over the years. Most of these topics do not exist that long at all (for a non digital medium).
Of course all the writers are getting their credits as well e.g. Missy_1987, TonyTheTiger and Anonymous225.

The first official encyclopedia ‘Naturalis Historia’dates from the 1st century AD and was written by Plinius de Oudere.
in this book there was still room for personal notes and comments, e.g. at the topic of the different continents in the world he concludes that the world has to more length than width so that he as to be a bot rounded because the sun is not always rising all over the world at the same time.

Russian beauties

Due to research on russian letterforms for my own typeface I got stuck on        this website filled with beautifully old, hand-drawn, vanguard and quaint books.



Explain yourself

For all the misunderstood artists and designers in the world: do be such a hater.
If you are frustrated about the fact that people do not understand what you are doing, that people do not see the importance of your job…explain it to them.That is the least you can do…

Big deal of your job as graphic designer is communication? Still not able to tell people what you do?
For that reason I still like this video from 2002 of Studio Pip, CO. en Dogma Productions. (also known for their publication: Never Use White Type on a Black Background and the website http://www.ridiculousdesignrules.com)

connected project

Connected project is a butterfly-effect posterseries showed at Graphic Design Festival Breda, in the Netherlands.

watch the animation of look at the overview at the Connect-project website!

In the 1960s, American mathematician Edward Lorenz described what became known as the butterfly-effect in which he posited that a minute change in the atmosphere set off a chain reaction.
Starting out with the distribution of a simple poster, we hope to cause a similar exponential reaction leading to a tornado at the Graphic Design Festival Breda.

This results in a graphic network that not only visualizes our interpersonal connections, but also shows our degrees of separation from other (international) designers.

We created three posters, each containing a related theme. We sent these posters to three befriended designers in our network. Now we want you (if you received a poster from a connected designer..) to improve, alter, change etc. the poster you just received. Once you have finished, you continue the chain by sending your redesign to two designers who are part of your personal network.

pictures/information from Connected-project website

cones in colour

Found on website of graphic design studio EDHV.
They teamed up with Wendy Plomp (WND).
It will be up during the fashion week in Milan at the exhibition space of the Verger shop.

colour my rainbow

This book makes me smile everytime I see it!
You can buy this book of Masashi Kawamura at the Stereohype website.
Check their website for more amazing stuff.