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Have I got some information for you

Kyra van Ineveld made this very nice piece of work: The Wiki Truth.
This project consists of 5 enormous books about, well they ARE actually, the top 5 topics (pages) on Wikipedia: Barack Obama, the Catholic Church, Gaza war, global warming, and ‘race and intelligence’.

I love how taking data and forming it in a great design shows so much more that the pure data. The fact that you can go through the history of the information about the topic in the book, that you can see for real what an enormous amount of information is there to read online, what the top-5 says topic about the world nowadays, and how it changes over the years. Most of these topics do not exist that long at all (for a non digital medium).
Of course all the writers are getting their credits as well e.g. Missy_1987, TonyTheTiger and Anonymous225.

The first official encyclopedia ‘Naturalis Historia’dates from the 1st century AD and was written by Plinius de Oudere.
in this book there was still room for personal notes and comments, e.g. at the topic of the different continents in the world he concludes that the world has to more length than width so that he as to be a bot rounded because the sun is not always rising all over the world at the same time.