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Ode to my love for industrial sites

Almost every creative person seems to have a fetish for (taking pictures of/in) old factory buildings, and other things found at industrial sites.

Strangely enough, although you can find tons of nice pictures in this category I still do not get tired of those images.

One artist that makes beautiful imges of industrial sites and such is the Slovak Branislav Kropilak.

Marie Sjøvold: She is

This is actually the picture that caught my eye first and let me dive more into the work of young Norwegian photographer Marie Sjøvold:

One of Marie’s series calles She is fascinated me most. It’s a beautiful and very intimate portrait of a young woman reflecting the transformation of her body, the body image as well as the transformation of interpersonal relationsships during her pregnany. Even more it’s a very dialectic and poetic series about strength and weakness, shame and self-awareness, intimacy and distance.

Marie Sjøvold

Bless you

Recently I came across the project of  the photographer Ben Ritter  and art-director Jackie Anzald.
Besides that I love the amazing picture gallery I love the funny behind the scene fact about the project too: the models were tickled in their nostril until they sneezed!

you can check out the full  sneezebook gallery here!

as a matter of taste

Fulvio Bonavia is an award-winning Italian photographer. Though he has shot ad campaigns for a wide range of international clients, such as Adidas, Heineken, Swatch, Amnesty International, and Alitalia, he is best known for his campaigns for automotive companies including Jaguar, BMW, Saab, Alfa Romeo, Daimler-Chrysler, and Audi.

Prior to establishing himself as a photographer, Bonavia worked as a graphic designer and movie-poster illustrator. In 2008, Hachette Australia published A Matter of Taste, a book featuring Bonavia’s conceptual photos of food as fashion—corn espadrilles, aubergine slippers, and a tagliatelle belt, for example. A French edition of A Matter of Taste was published in 2009, and a selection of images from the book was exhibited at the La Grande Epicerie in Paris.”

[wikipedia quote]

I really like the work because of the different way of looking at things, in this case food. I see beauty in lots of very everyday things and try to create things to let others experience it the same way. For me it sometimes feels like a strugle te create this things, I love the way these photographs make it feel effortless (it probably isn’t!) fun and fashionable.

Italian artist/CEO and his hidden souls

To start of well: You know what I hate about Italian artists…that quite often there is only information about these artists in Italian. I know the language is considered beautiful, but in the whole world 65million people are speaking it, and most of them are living in Italy. How can one write about you when they cannot read your biography etc.?

I was planning for this post for ages, but could not seem to find enough background information about the artist which I felt could be really interesting. So I waited.Now the time has come although I did not find the background information that I hoped for.

Hidden Souls of Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti is a bit morbid, and stunning at the same time. I saw this at the Biennial in Venice last summer and it stayed in my head since then.

When searching for information I hoped finding out how much of the pictures is photo-shopped and how much is ‘real’. I heard at the Biennial that there was barely Photoshop involved.
When you look at his other work (on a horrible, slow flash-website) you see that apart from this series most of is work is or just nice wild-life photography or a picture that is so edited that you could ask yourself  “Is it a picture or an digital illustration?”

To be honest; A part of the magic is gone now I know most of the colouring is edited into the pictures instead of showing the beauty of all the flesh.
But have a look yourself and enjoy!


the sky is the limit

Who does not love a nice sunset?
Although most of the time a picture does not reflect the real experience, people keep trying to capture the lightning and its colours during the moment the sun comes up/goes down.
Eric Cahan is an New York based artist that did succeed in capturing those moments in his photoseries SKY SERIES.
His work is about light, space,scale and volume.
eric cahanIf you’d like the sculptures on this image as well I recommend looking at the rest of his website too: http://ericcahan.com/.

I do have to say that these pictures are not photoshopped, digitally at least.
Eric Cahan uses a lot of filters used byfilmmakers and prints eacht print several times until the perfect result until they are, as he says himself ‘are seamless, free of banding or blemish.’

spherical captures

When I discovered the work of Ariko Inaoka from Japan, and her portraits  reminded my of the Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene.
Consider it typical female photography, or spherical images, or what the… let’s call it lovely photos!

From the series Erna & Hrefna 09-10

And a few beautiful captures from the series SÓL

more work of Ariko Inaoko on her website.

Sweetness is a myth

A few weeks ago I found out about  this nice photo series from photographers  Benjamin Li (1985) and Laerke Elllegaard(1984).
This series got me thinking about faded glory, the perishingly aspect of strength… but honestly I just love it because of that fine line between beauty and disgust and the beautiful colour scheme!

As with most photos the work should speak for itself, I believe these pictures barely need guidance by words. Still, here some background info about the series from the photographers: “The work is all about playfulness and crating identities. It is both vulnerable and vulgar at the same time. There are references to everything form regal portrait, sex and gorging. Lærke and Benjamin are interested in combining beauty and disgust. The portraits resemble a white canvas where the food is the paint. The food is very recognizable but taken into another context given a new meaning.”

Berlin Smile #6

Last week I was at Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin.
A multicultural festival where they definitely trust each other. Among the market stalls there was also this one:

Berlin smile #5

Happy hour at the copy shop!