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Berlin Smile #6

Last week I was at Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin.
A multicultural festival where they definitely trust each other. Among the market stalls there was also this one:

Berlin smile #5

Happy hour at the copy shop!

Berlin smile #4

There is no wrong place for Wurst

Blitse Sletse (funky flip flops)

I am turning ito the personal promo girl of Florentijn Hofman!
Can’t help it I just love his work!

laundry day

Exhibition in park in Belgium

f(l)avourite mistake

Valentin Beinroth en Florian Jenett, you might know their project with fake guns in public space through Frankfurt…Did their trick again. This time with edible guns.

other projects on:
valentine Beinroth

and  Florian Jenett : http://florianjenett.de/freies-training/

Simple beauty

that’s why I love his work.
Florentijn Hofman just revealed his latest work in Schiemond: 5 paper boats

Peak at other work at his website.

-Pics from cbkRotterdam newsletter and Florentijn Hofman his website –