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Reading between the lines

A while ago SVP saw an interesting work of Eto Otitigbe, which had the combination of craftsmanship (or at least the feel of it) and concept.
His project consisted of three panels with portraits of the artist.
Alle portraits look like a big  woodcut, painted black.
These panels are not made by hand although it looks like they are. They are made of MDF and lasercutted with machines, and painted black.
The light on the work reveals the images cutted out of it.
Eto is wearing a hooded sweater on the images, which is a reference to the protest in USA against shootings against innocent black men.
In the USA the right of self defence is taking its turn.
The unarmed, and innocent black man Trayvon Martin, 17 years old, African American man was shot, probably  just because he was wearing a hoody and the shooter felt scared.

“The linear patterns in Becoming Visible were inspired by traditional wood carvings and bronze statues from Benin, West Africa.  Many of these works depict the King or “Oba” of Benin with lines that contour this face.  Traditionally some ethnic groups used these lines to identify each other after they had been separated.  In this case I place the lines on an image of my own face to express empathy for the families of innocent African American men who’s lives were taken unjustly.” (text from website of Eto Otitigbe )
More information about this project of Eto here.

SVP saw this work already quiet a while ago at  the exhibition Trampoline presents…TRANSFORMERS: COILED POTENTIALS, of the Master programme of Transart Institute,in Berlin (Germany).
This exhibition space was tucked away in Kreuzberg, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, with a nice outside space too. Worth to pay a visit when you are in the neighbourhood!

Work by Valérie Buess

Born in La Belle Suisse, but Valérie Buess worked in Germany for the last 20 years with.. paper. She makes wonderfull and sometimes mesmerizing art with just folding, rolling or cutting paper. Next to that the 3D-sculptures are also shot in strange views. If you were looking for a new, recycled wallpaper stop looking and enjoy! This work reminds me a lot of one of our local artists, Suuz van de Vaart – who also creates new worlds of deadly cuddly factors, but with clay and plastic instead of paper….. (lifted offa – inlog.org)


l’art pour l’art

Yeah! The work of Dan Grayber  looks like construction site, so it could not go wrong for me.
The work itself is according to the artist a problem and its solution in itself.
He builds – mostly small – sculptures (but I just love the bigger ones!) that only sustain their own existence.(more about the artist statement here )

Parallel Walls Mechanism
Piece is composed of seven steel frames that telescope outwards.  Two large, centrally located springs activate mechanism that pushes first set of frames, pulley system causes 2nd and 3rd set to telescope outwards based on the position of the first set.  Piece exerts enough outward force upon two parallel walls (roughly 15’ apart) to hold itself up.

Interfloor Mechanism #1
Piece is a spring loaded mechanism that wedges itself between the floor and ceiling, holding itself up.

Bottle Mechanism #3
Piece consists of two parts joined together with bicycle brake cable: the mechanical base, and the mechanism that fits inside of the bottle. The weight of the bottle, and the piece inside the bottle, maintains enough tension in the system as a whole to keep the mechanism inside the bottle expanded, bracing itself in the center of the bottle. This tension also keeps the bottle from dropping any further.

Corner Mechanism #4
Piece is a counterweight driven mechanism that wedges itself into the interior of a corner, suspending itself.

I can see right through you

(Artist) Iori Tomita works with dead animals.
After seeing the often used chemical process, during his  Fisheries Sciences studies, he decided to turn it into a money making business.In the process of decomposition, with the help of some chemicals, he stops the process when the muscles  etc. become transparent but still have their form. Add a bit of colour and save your animal in a jar with glycerine.

If you like a jar for yourself you can buy them at Tokyu Hands. If you want to you can even buy it as an app…Yeah he sure tries to make the most out of it.

Animals in Art #2: Polly Morgan

Polly Morgan

Animals in Art #1: Christiane Möbus

Christiane Möbus

Wanna piece of me?

After all the other really special cakes and food posts here I cannot leave this one out of the collection.

This woman went all out for her wedding day and told her hubby to be she wanted a cake that looked like herself! The original plan was to make the pair, but it took the people 5 weeks to make this cake, so there was no time left for the husband!(how does an 5 weeks old cake taste?)

Facts:  weight: 180kg, 200 eggs, 7.5litres of amaretto.
(Unfortunately the body, head and arms were made from clay)

(found on the website of  the Daily Mail)

pencil fauna

Jennifer Maestre made these nice pencil sculptures:

My favourite Czech artist

Jakub Hošek with his fragile and beautiful brutality.

A cancer in the smallest bones

Buzz Saw

Don´t Say Be Tender First/Ale

Represented by Jiri Svetska Gallery.

Up early in the morning, dressed in black.

excellent work by Franko B