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and counting…

I found out about this very nice video project of  Jeroen Wolf (NL): 100.
It is an ode to people and their personality. It took Wolf about 4 months to find all 100 people.

Funny fact: it took Jeroen Wolf a lot more time to find the person that says 99 than it was to find the one that says 100.

Jeroen Wolf his company is currently working on a new documentairy called  ‘I am Innocent’.

New Perspective

Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

I found this amazing work of a Spanish artist Pablo Valbuena.
Somehow the first image reminds me of Anselm Kiefer. But that might be just my love for the artist Kiefer.

Other very nice work of Valbuena:

And if you’re from the Netherlands you might have seen his work on the The Hague City Hall building(2008):

More of this amazing work (and videos) on the website of the Pablo Valbuena
And if you are in NY, Madrid or Barcelona: go and check his work there at an exhibition that is running there now!


This art work was part of the Cultural Olympiade in Vancouver in 2010 during the Winter Olympics.

The artist is  Isabelle Hayeur, an artist from Montreal, made this nice  video installation ‘Fire with Fire’.
She often works with the history and architecture of places she is working at.

Back when Italo ruled the world…

Some great music from a couple of decades ago… who’s in for a revival?

hooray for stockimages

Music video for Drugs by Ratatat. This video is made by Carl Burgess of Getty Images footage.


New Age Samourai

A new age Samourai shows mind control techniques and new ways of dealing with the enemy…

Northern California from vincent koreman on Vimeo.